Arcomadrid 2023 @AninatGaleria Booth 7c20 22-26 feb.

In analepsis Catalina Swinburn hand-weaves the ballots for Chile’s 2020 national referendum called to change the country’s Constitution.

This woven piece is made with a technique that the artist developed, inspired by sacred ruinsand ancient textile scaffolds used in Andean cultures. By joining the ballots that showed massive approval –80% of Chileans approved the change of the Constitution– and those that rejected the change, analepsis represents a syndrome of the fatigued democracies of the West.

The video portrays the artist focused on weaving a homogeneous structure, seemingly oblivious to the strong wind that sweeps the waves of the woven piece against the weaver. The paradigm of societies has become liquid, in rising waves of socio-political exchanges that challenge the boundaries of democratic systems.

Through the wind, the artist symbolizes a change of paradigm, that of the digital era, where the limits between the public and the private are blurred and the forms of dialogue and understanding become increasingly disconnected from each other. The digital world and the advent of social networks have led us to a fragmentation of reality and society.

analepsis presents what is intended to be a compact structure anchored to a frame that holds an effervescence that cannot be contained in the whole. The woven pieces break out of the frame and are scattered on the floor.

Based on the specific Chilean case, the artist introduces us to what she perceives as a cultural and social renewal. Swinburn intuitively perceives that the state of disorder that the 21st century brings us nowadays is inherent to those moving towards a new Cosmovision.

Isabel Aninat