The project “Oraciones Periódicas” (“Periodic Prayers”) is a set of 365 images, a prayer for each day of the year, that together form the book “ORACIONES PERIODICAS”. These images make up a type of bricolage; an attempt to reconcile different doctrines, a process of trans-culturalization and racial mix, uniting the sacred and the pagan, emphasising our identification as Latin American women artists belonging to an era in which we participate in multiple encounters and realities.

Starting with a collection and a conscious selection of prayers, statements, titles, phrases from the worlds most important papers, the formation of this new series of images began. These prayers become, as is expressed in the word “prayers”, in moments of devotion and in moments of meditation and contemplation, part of the sea of information in which we are faced with today. The selection of the statements build in each situation an image created by the artists, in which the selected phrase becomes a script for an act. Taking on the role of actresses and directors in our own movie, we create situations that interpret the headline, relating it within the context of our own work. These are then placed in antique covers, marking the permanence of the recreated situations.

his intersection between the sacred and the popular, between the practical and the real, between humour and sentence, seeks that our projects be a re-conquest, generating a reunion of the spiritual experience of art, and in this process, refer to the space of the sacred through means that can be understood as rites, rites built on other rites, narratives built on other narratives. Generally our images seem to be invaded by a great solemnity, by a sacred aura, given the structures and canons that we use in them, in the ordering of elements, in our own presence and in the symbols that we reinterpret. This new series relates to the daily devotion of taking the time to reflect. Here, the union of the missal prayer and newspaper prayers can be understood as the missal containing a prayer for each day of the year and the newspaper is available everyday of the year. By doing this, the reinterpretation of certain symbolic forms that are installed in everyday life, like events, rites and gestures, allow us to find in daily occurrences our own religious sense of the world, in its varying degrees of sacredness. We aim for our work to function as a catalyst for the faith of viewers and generate a return to art as a meaningful ritual.