It is essential to place ourselves at the forefront of adaptation to climate change while upholding sustainability principles, many of which are present in indigenous knowledge of landscapes and their productivity. In this connection, sustainability develops a dynamic social, cultural, environmental and economic balance.

This connects the ancestral knowledge and scientific thinking relieving a new poetic line with the ecological movement. I believe that opens a dialogue between conservation and innovation, continuity and transmutation; by combining the local crafts with the global trends; and showing how selected geographies share universal and mutual creative affinities.   The recycling aspect happens through many dimensions: content, form and process.


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TuniSphere - Patria Delenda Est

MAY 2023
Catalina Swinburn runs a weaving and workshop for children from Bhar Lazreg, in parallel of a virtual workshop with children from Abidjan.


MARCH 2022
The workshop realized in Madrasat Addeera in AlUla, was guided by Catalina Swinburn, with the aim to share her practice to the girls & women that are part of the program at Madrasat Addeera.

Peggy Guggenheim WORKSHOP

The starting point of the series Fissures as Metaphors of Resistance, is an investigation related to archaeological pieces that were taken from their original place, and travelled to different institutions around the world to be exhibited as a power emblem.

Art Basel Cities PROGRAM

Nationalism requires the elaboration of a real or invented remote past. This workshop considers how archaeological data are manipulated for nationalist purposes, and it discusses the relationship of archaeology to nation-building.