ALTAR OF SACRIFICE arises from the dismantling produced in the performance of IN MEMORY, conducted in Animal Gallery, December 2002. While the curators of the exhibition “Handle With Care” invited the artists to relocate the stones which had formed this installation to the Museum of Contemporary Art, they chose to develop a new work of art: a sacrificial performance of each of these fifty gravestones, which destroyed them completely. In the days before the opening of the exhibition, dressed in their ceremonial robes, they beat a mallet in unison and broke the tombstones into pieces while chanting the names and dates inscribed on them. The remains of this action were exposed during the show as corpses of an existence on their way to oblivion. In a hall which preceded the exhibition, a destructive performance video was shown; it’s sound and visual intensity alluded to a war documentary. If MEMORIAL was once a reflection of the gallery, referencing it’s history and formal characteristics, the acto of reclocating ALTAR OF SACRIFICE five years later in a museum, added to these reflections and the contradictions between a private commercial space and one institutional, state non-profit.