Darina KMETOVA, Anselma MURSWIEK, Irina OJOVAN, Ulla RAUTER, Anneliese SCHRENK, Catalina SWINBURN, Anastasiya YAROVENKO, LAb[au]Ongoing change of the sky and its scenery provides spectacular variety – just like the presented artists at FRÜHLING [´fry:ling], der: weiblich at Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna. Seven artists and the collective LAb[au] show not only a wide range of different media but also question and challenge the role of the female artist.

The syntax of the title already tells an irrevocable fact of the history of culture and art: The dominance of the male. Thus thematically beyond spring the show investigates the position of the female artist and is objecting once again existing norms in the art world and its system.

Born 1979 in Chile, Catalina Swinburn lives and works in Buenos Aires and London and is currently presenting her works “La Boheme” 2018 and “Fedora” 2018 at Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna. These precisely woven paper objects, that are made from the musical scores of the named operas, function as fragile skins. They are created in workshops and are later often used in performances. The participative process of creating these objects, is an essential part of Catalina Swinburn’s approach to art.

These skins – with their various folds and contingent aspects – are the place of fissures and traces bearing witness to memory. — Catalina Swinburn.

The titles reveal the core of the artwork: The investigation of historiography and its connection to the opera, that generates and conveys certain ideas and social concepts of “identity”.

This Works on paper, considers how archaeological data and music are manipulated for nationalist purposes and it discusses the relationship of archaeology to nation-building and articulation of identity. — Catalina Swinburn.

Catalina Swinburn’s multi-layered artworks are created at the interface of sculpture, performance, photography and fashion. Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art is excited to present the internationally renowned artist for the first time in Austria.

La Bohême
Woven paper with full score of Puccini’s opera – 140x195x56 cm 2018