In the proposal of Aninat & Swinburn can be seen objects, deeds, and gestures that ask the spectator to engage in a process of construction relating to the meaning of recognisable and visible codes that can be seen in the images they create. IN GOD WE TRUST (EN DIOS CONFIAMOS) is the religious phrase stamped across American dollar bills, and it is this juxtaposition that inspired the meaning of this artwork. For the artists, this marble piece, on which their printed faces can be seen rising on either side of the note, is an act of faith. It is the act of finding a transcendent place in art that is nowadays lost. The tendency of seeing everything as disposable has formed in them, the artists, a need to return to a traditional culture and focus on projects that aspire to a certain degree of transcendence and which work with a coded spiritual language, exactly because it can go back to conveying meaning an because it relates to the experiences of many viewers.