Luxurious Silence is a photographic diptych which shows a selection of newspaper clippings, where the viewer gains consciousness about the present and is able to critique the notion of printed media. These prayers become, much like the word ‘prayers’, moments of devotion, meditation and contemplation within the sea of information that we are nowadays faced with. Two artists appear behind a blanket made up of prayers, statements, titles and phrases from the most important newspapers across the world, which, joined by safety pins, resembles a burka, the traditional clothing worn by women in Muslim countries, which covers their whole face; only the eyes are revealed through a slit in the cloth. Looking out from behind this blanket the artists are shown with open and closed eyes; they express the difficulty that comes from not seeing clearly, evoking the body of the victim and the victimizer, and recall the different happenings that have changed our behaviour since that moment. This visual confrontation is, in someway or another, censored. The artist’s eyes are situated behind a space formed by newspaper clippings, a crack united by safety pins that allow the artists to see. These safety pins join the clippings, as well as different temporalities and happenings, places of memory which highlight its own frailty.