Woven piece, from vintage documentation on the most relevant stone portraits of history 150 x 180 x 10 cm, gold leaf backing 2020

WOVEN PAPER SCULPTURE – Selected stone arqueaological documentation from persian , assur , summer , roman & greek civilizations most relevant stone portrait sculptures & portraits.

Catalina Swinburn (Santiago, 1979) has been working with the geopolitical concept of displacement. Her practice of weaving vintage documents paper sheets as support became a manifest of political disagreement by using documents of displaced patrimonial treasures, or musical scores of operas with exile thematics, or geopolitical maps. Her weaving exercise is trespassing by a diasporic feeling with a poetic and subtle aesthetic. She persues to rescue ancestrals rituals related to sacred places, ancestral geography and original memory.

The starting point of the series is an investigation related to displaced archaeological pieces that were taken from their original place, and travelled to different institutions around the world to be exhibited as a power emblem. In this perspective, the artist collected a myriad of heteroclite images of ancient pieces that were subsequently folded and woven all together. These skins – with their various folds and contingent aspects – are the place of fissures and traces bearing witness to memory.