VEILED MEMORY is the performance that took place during the time of the exposition OBITUARY and forms an essential part of the show. In this creation of art, the total destruction of the work takes place; the demolition, by thirds, of the constructed wall, in front of the kneeling artists, in a pose of contemplation and prayer, who veil their desperation and their death as part of the work in passing. From this act of art, the artists retake the “pose” in which they kneel in front of diverse events and places of solemn character, be the institutional, museums, galleries, as well as places of nature.

In invariably repreating an act, so simple as kneeling with their hands intertwined, corresponding to the strict rules of the location of the body, direction, meaning, placemement, etc., the artists manage to celebrate a type of ritual in each image that they themselves create, according to the standards of their own tradition. In this “contemplative rites” the artists remain immobile, guarding, watching carefully and meditating on the environment in which they are in, hoping that this time the creation of the event is beyond themselves, where external action, the mutilation of the place, does not disturb the voluntary departure, sacrificial to contamplate and create contemplation.