In this exhibition we were given a space located on the third and final floor of an abandoned house. Given its peripheral location, it was in the movement of the spectator in the exhibition space where memory was engaged. This conditioned our work – we perforated the center of the space, creating a tomb.

The tomb was made of an excavated hole in the ground. It was situated in the threshold between two worlds – above and below, the sky and the ground. This perforation/tomb was previously covered with a black granite slab with the inscription EN MEMORIA in bas-relief. In this manner its place was signified amoungst its external construction, warning against the oblivion that surrounds it. The slab is a monument that carries the memory of an abscence.

On the other hand, we discover the sky of the space (removing the gypsum and leaving the interior beams visable) and the ground (removing the flexit) in unison, as looking up was a way of looking down. The vision of the spectator is conditioned, making him be conscious of the revealed sky. The remains of the gypsum and flexit from the sky and the ground were deposited seperately in two transparent acrylic suitcases. These rescued fragments, contents of suitcases whcih await their journey, refer to the past time of a city in ruins, and generate the nostalgia of an abscence.

The instalation told of the abondonment of a house about to be demolished. The slab buried the house, appearing as a warning signal. This slab had been previously resituated in an instalation which took part in Animal Gallery, Santiago, Chile. The suitcases were resituated, in Fundación Telefónica, amoung other places, rememorating the past work.